Number 856 is a mix of the energies and attributes of the numbers 8, 5 and 6.  Number 8 resonates with manifesting wealth and abundance, inner-wisdom, patience, potential, personal power, ambition, discipline and Karma  -  the Spiritual Law of Cause and Effect.  Number 5 lends its vibrations of personal freedom, decisions and choices, important changes, courage and conviction, motivation and resourcefulness.  Number 6 adds its energies of protection, reliability, home, family and domesticity, providing and provision, economy and the material and monetary aspects of life.  

Angel Number 856 is a message that your positive actions and intentions to change your life for the better are supported and encouraged by the angelic and spiritual realms.  It asks that you give any concerns, worries and/or fears about your current life changes to the angels for transmutation and healing, and have faith that these changes will bring wonderful abundance and blessings to your life.  Trust that all of your monetary and material needs will be met as required.

The repeating Angel Number 856 suggests that financial worries and burdens are lifting and a positive flow of abundance is about to enter your life.  Be grateful for your blessings, and be aware that the more you have, the more you have to share with others.


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